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Khmer community in Soc Trang celebrates Chol Chnam Thmay (17/4)

Vung Tau to host international kite and cuisine festivals (17/4)

Son Doong cave to be promoted on Good Morning America (17/4)

Propaganda Poster Contest launched (17/4)

Exhibition on Ha Noi Old Quarter development (17/4)

festival events festival events


I. The aim and meaning of the festival:
-To serve Vietnamese and foreigner travellers as well as Saigonese with diverse traditional dishes from many countries and territories all over the world.
-To become a cultural tourism event in order to honour culinary culture values of Vietnam and countries worldwide.
-To make an opportunity for the countries to exchange their cultures and to establish and impulse friendly and cooperative relations between them.
II. General information:
1. Name of the festival:
- Vietnamese name: Liên hoan Ẩm thực Món ngon các nước 2015;
-  In English: ‘Taste of the World 2015’ Culinary Festival.
2. Scale: 120 display booths of 60 restaurants and hotels from over 20 countries.
3. Attendances:
- Restaurants and hotels in Ho Chi Minh City.
- Food and beverage firms having special and famous food nationwide.
- The firms selling processed food, raw materials and food processing tools.
- Foreign tourism representative companies in Ho Chi Minh City.
- Companies purchasing specific and traditional dishes of various parts of the country and others.
- Diplomatic missions in Ho Chi Minh City.
4. Festival activities:
a) Cooking performances and serving dishes at display booths:
-These are major activities in the festival. Attendances take part in introducing, performing and selling delicious food expressing their traditional local cuisine, showing fashion shows with their national costumes and presenting folk games.
-Thanks to decoration style, arts of cooking and dish presentation and the ways of displaying products, customers are able to distinguish the booths whether is from Vietnam or from other countries.
-To introduce Vietnamese specialities, honouring and developing Vietnamese gastronomy culture, Vietnamese display booth is considered most in the festival.
- Designing display booths specifically and attractively by countries attending the festival makes customers interested in and expresses the beauty of their gastronomy.

b) A display booth competition:

-Attendances in the festival design and decorate their booths and choose food and staff clothes expressing their cultural characteristics of their nations and their regions.

5. Cultural, arts and sports activities:

a) Bartender performances:

-Showed by members of the Saigon Bartender Sommeliers’ Guild Association, Ho Chi Minh City Tourism Association.

b) Cooking performances:
-Showed by famous chefs of the Saigon Professional Chefs’ Guild, Ho Chi Minh City Tourism Association.
c) “Five-star Chef” festival:
-To introduce arts of cooking and dish presentation of high-class hotels and five-star restaurants in Ho Chi Minh City to customers attending the festival.
d) Introducing, performing and teaching how to cook dishes by World Federation Culture Collections (WFCC)



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