The taste journey in District 5

Saigoneses have a popular saying: "When eating, come to District 5; when staying, choose District 3; if shopping, head to District 1". This saying litterally generalizes a unique culture that visitors can not skip when exploring District 5 – its quintessential cuisines.

The special mark of the cuisine culture of District 5 is taste convergence of many cultures, from raw materials, styles of food preparing and cooking, which reflects iconic flavors of Guangzhou, Cháozhōu, Hainan and even 3 regions of Vietnam. One more interesting fact about District 5 is every restaurant from street vendors to hi-end restaurants all serve signature dishes in each meal of the day.

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Each dish is a special cultural feature of the city tastes, to which District 5 would like to introduce to visitors.

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10 must-try dishes when visiting District 5

  1. Dim sums with tea
  2. Shui Jiao Noodles
  3. Chicken Rice
  4. Fish Hotpot
  5. Nuoc sam (Herbal Tea)
  6. Fo Tiao Qiang (Buddha Jumps Over the Wall)
  7. Stewed Sweet Herbal Chicken & Duck Soup
  8. Almond Tofu Sweet Soup
  9. Goat curry
  10. Roasted duck

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