Must-try Dishes in Sai Gon

Southern cuisine relies heavily on spices, herbs and fresh vegetables. The preparation is simple with cooking techniques borrowed from neighbouring countries like Cambodia, China and Thailand. Be sure to try some of these highlights.

Banh Xeo

These savoury pancakes are made with flour, egg and salt, then fried. They come stuffed with pork, vegetables and prawns with a side of herbs and fish sauce.

Bun Mam

A rather pungent vermicelli noodle soup made with everything but the kitchen sink thrown in. It includes shrimp paste, aubergine, squid and more.

Bun Thit Nuong

This dish is made of vermicelli noodles topped with fresh greens, peanuts and grilled pork. Some suppliers will even throw in a fried spring roll.

Com Tam

Literally translated as “broken rice”, this hearty dish is served for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It comes with many different meat options but the most common is a delicious barbecued pork chop.

Hu Tieu

Long, thin rice noodles are served with ground pork, shrimp and fish. The common elements, of celery and sauteed garlic help to maintain the distinctive taste.


Perfect for any meal time, Vietnam's most famous dish is both filling and healthy - and the best are found on the streets. Pho comes in many different varieties - be sure to try as many as you can.

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